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Arrivos® Pension Administration Solution

The Arrivos Pension Administration Solution (PAS) is a mature product designed by life-long retirement solution experts and installed today in pension systems of all types and sizes. It is a single, fully integrated solution with workflows that streamline your daily work and dashboard access to decision-making data.

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Tried and Trusted

By choosing the Arrivos Solution, you are not starting at ground zero. You are starting with a proven product with substantial functionality that is built, tested by systems like yours and ready for deployment.

The Arrivos PAS delivers these out-of-the-box features and so much more in a single, fully integrated solution that simplifies implementation and maintenance.

  • Comprehensive Account Management
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Advanced Search
  • Customer Activity Tracking
  • Integrated Letters and Email
  • Seminar Scheduling
  • World-class payroll issuance, tracking, verifying and reporting
  • Exceptional data security
  • Complete Audit Trails
  • Account Notes & Locking
  • Reporting Dashboards
  • Intuitive Interfaces

Integrated, Excellence-Delivering Modules

Pension Administration
  • Member & Retiree Maintenance
  • Benefit Calculator & Pension Maintenance
  • Payroll Processing & 1099R
  • Annual Processes & GL
Arrivos Imaging
  • Scanning & Indexing
  • Barcode Capabilities
  • Seamless Integration with Other Modules
Employer &
Vendor Portals
  • Employer Self Service
  • Data Validation
  • Employer Communication
  • Insurance Premium Management
Member Portal
  • Member Communications
  • Instant Benefit Calculations
  • Online Retirement/Refund Apps
  • Secure Document Uploads
Reporting &
Management Dashboards
  • Pre-Defined Reports
  • Ad-Hoc Queries
  • Business Intelligence for Managing Operations
  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Workflows for All Your Forms
  • Simple and Intuitive

Pension Administration

Simplify the Complicated
In addition to delivering all the typical activities of pension administration, the Arrivos PAS meets the challenge of incorporating your unique laws and policies into your solution. It is flexible, configurable and built to simplify customization. Our team will collaborate with yours to shape your solution around your business needs.

The Pension Administration module is where the complicated daily administrative demands of systems like yours are handled. It’s where participant information and work histories are housed, where your calculators build service credit and estimate benefits, and where payroll happens. The Arrivos payroll process is accurate and fast, taking less than 5 minutes for every 20,000 records. It automatically creates ledger entries for all financial transactions, providing complete traceability. Need separate payrolls for pensions and disability pensions? No problem! Arrivos PAS handles both with ease.

Arrivos Imaging

Push Less Paper
Take control of your documents – and the work they generate – using Arrivos Imaging. With Arrivos Imaging, your staff can quickly access member documents from the member’s account page while answering a question or completing a transaction. This efficient and transparent experience translates into a better member experience and more accurate transactions. Forms and proofs submitted through the Member Portal are routed directly into Arrivos Imaging and associated with the member account with zero staff intervention. In the mailroom, barcodes simplify indexing and minimize errors ensuring that your members’ documents are filed properly and either initiate new workflows or rendezvous with open workflows. The speed of this solution improves delivery times for your customers and reduces the burden on your staff.

Employer & Vendor Portals

Get Clean Member Data
The Arrivos Employer Portal is your gateway for accurate, timely member information and for on-time payments. Using an easy drag and drop feature, employers can upload their member data files. Do your employers have multiple payroll schedules? Not a problem – the Arrivos Employer Portal allows for customized, multiple pay schedules. Validations ensure that the data is clean before you receive it, and new member enrollment is triggered automatically. When coupled with ePay and the Wallet features, employers can make their payments using multiple accounts and track their payment history. Your employers (whether you have 1,000 or just a few) will appreciate the intuitive design, the ease of correcting errors and the speed with which their reporting gets done.

Member Portal

Reduce Your Staff Burden
Free your staff for more complex work by launching the Arrivos Member Portal where your members conduct their own transactions. Here, your members can keep their personal information current (no more paper Address Change Forms!), run benefit estimates, see current service credit and wage information, exchange messages with staff, and even apply for retirement. The Member Portal is securely integrated with Arrivos Imaging, so members can upload important proof like birth certificates.

Reporting & Management Dashboards

Unleash the Power of Your Data
Fast, easy access to your data makes for better decisions, improved operations, and excellent results for your staff and members. The Arrivos PAS dashboards help you manage customer contact operations and transaction processing by providing you quick views into critical business intelligence. For example:

  • Learn how long it takes to process all types of transactions.
  • Map the seasonality of work (e.g., death reports).
  • See how long each team member needs to perform any task so you can direct specific workflows to the staff members who are most proficient.

The Arrivos database is designed to deliver query results in record time without disrupting users or slowing down operations. Our versatile reporting tools provide multiple methods for getting the quality information you need to train and schedule your team to get the work done. Tired of those repeated data requests? Our standard built-in reports can be run on demand and exported to various formats, including PDF and Excel. Users can also schedule reports to run on a set schedule with the results routed directly to whoever needs the information. You’ll be amazed at how this knowledge improves your daily business decisions.


Forge Efficient Work Processes
Create reliable, repeatable, efficient business processes by incorporating step-by-step guidance, checklists and automated routing into your workflows. With workflows, you can display all the information needed to process the work, create checkpoints so important process steps don’t get missed, and route finished work to another user for review. Dashboard reporting of your workflows tells you where a transaction is in its processing, how many of each workflow type are in process and how long they have been pending.

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