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Securing Your Data

Applying the right solutions today to meet tomorrow’s evolving security challenges.

Be Confident in Your Data Security

Tegrit is committed to securing your data. Your data is fully isolated from Tegrit’s internal systems and housed only at your location (for on-premise solutions), or with our secured hosting partner.

Tegrit partners with only the best – a Tier 4 data hosting center. Tier 4 centers are the preferred choice for hosting mission-critical servers because they deliver all these benefits:

  • Zero single points of failure. Redundancies for every process and data protection stream mean that no single outage or error can shut down the system.
  • 99.995 % uptime per year. A Tier 4 ranking requires the highest guaranteed uptime; this uptime must be maintained for a center to keep its ranking. This means you experience no more than 26.3 minutes of downtime per year.
  • 2N+1 infrastructure (two times the amount required for operation plus a backup). 2N+1 is another way of saying the environment is fully redundant related to power, number of internet connections and cooling.
  • 96-hour power outage protection. A Tier 4 center must have at least 96 hours of independent power. This power must not be connected to any outside source and is entirely proprietary.

In addition to securing your system in a Tier 4 datacenter, we apply advanced database security and follow NIST guidelines. Tegrit’s hosted client applications reside on virtual servers through VMware to support high availability. However, we ensure that your data is separated and secured from other tenants. We use Dell hardware and replace servers to keep hardware on pace with current technology and security best practices. Similarly, software is kept current and upgraded when support, security or performance require it. This systems maintenance is part of our routine practices. You can be confident that your system will be kept current with the latest protections from intrusion and exploitation and receive round-the-clock support.

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