Quality Management

  • Allow secure storage and instant access to quality management documentation
  • Quality management procedure documents can be automatically distributed to training groups around the company and reading compliance monitored from a dashboard


  • Safety documentation is also stored and accessed electronically and can be distributed to training groups around the company automatically, while monitoring reading compliance
  • Employees can be electronically tested on the new safety procedures further ensuring compliance with safety regulations


  • Archive, retrieve and modify compound drawings directly from your CAD applications with OnBase CAD Drawings Management
  • Users retrieve engineering files and supporting documents from a central repository, providing instant access to the drawings they need
  • Allows non-CAD users to participate in the review process without permanently changing the CAD file itself


By using the OnBase Accelerated Financial Reporting Module, organizations can continuously improve the close process by:

  • Develop and monitor close performance metrics
  • Establish clear accountability for closing tasks within a closing schedule
  • Enforce deadlines

Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable

  • Orders and invoices can be captured irrespectively of how they arrive, whether is via paper, fax, e-mail or EDI/XML
  • Document routing for approvals
  • Information contained in those documents can be validated against data in the company’s line of  business applications
  • The documents can then be displayed directly from any of the AP and AR software screens

Global Trade Supply Chain Automation

  • Connect your disparate, operational and customs compliance IT systems to automate and control low-efficiency logistics processes
  • Create end-to-end supply chain automation that reduces transportation costs
  • Increases compliance with internal trade regulations



Accelerate Lean Operations with ECM

Date: March 5, 2014
Length: 45:25

Learn how organizations are using enterprise content management (ECM) to gain competitive advantages while increasing audit preparedness and readiness. Whether it is dealing with global trade logistics documentation, qualify management information, safety documents, or simplifying the distribution of work instructions and policies across the plant floor, ECM embodies the lean principles your organization.