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Arrivos® Pension Administration Software

Our pension administration software was conceptualized and created by Tegrit’s industry-leading pension experts who leveraged their decades of experience to create robust tools that address the multitude of ever-changing pain points encountered by retirement systems.

Pension Administration Software

Our Pension Administration Software makes our clients’ lives easier by simplifying the complex. We utilize our expertise and experience to understand problems and provide a solution that fits like a glove.



Step-by-step guidance through even the most complex business processes.

Accurate member & retiree data

Updates are reflected by the system the moment they become effective.

Fully integrated imaging system

Archive changes, update information, and kick off workflows automatically when documents are received.

Member Self-Service Portal

Tegrit’s Member Self-Service Portal puts capabilities at the fingertips of your retirement system’s members and retirees. This frees up your staff’s time for servicing and interacting with members on a more personal level.

Access account information

Members can review their account data, including contributions & service.

Create benefit


Users can set up their own benefit estimate scenarios, freeing up staff from what can be a time-consuming task.

Update personal information

Changed address? New beneficiary? No problem. All personal information can be updated from here.

Document Management System

Our document management system provides the tools necessary to eliminate paper files without the overkill of other more complex document management systems.

Improve business process efficiency

Document management occurs automatically in the background as staff executes their daily work.


member service

Create letters and correspondence to members with just a few clicks.



Archived information ensures a complete, well-documented history of the client exists.

Employer Reporting Portal

The Arrivos Employer Reporting Portal provides our clients with a solution that allows them to receive accurate and timely information from multiple employers.

Create wage, contribution & service data

Roll-over the previous report and edit it to save time or upload the information directly.


new members

Members are easily created in the system along with all their personal information and account data.

View & pay


E-pay allows employers to submit payments directly to the system and easily review payment history.

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