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who we are

We are often asked where  the name Tegrit® comes from; it comes from the word integrity.  From the beginning we committed to operating our business with integrity as our first and foremost value and this remains the core focus of our entire team,  Our people intuitively understand this and we wear it on our sleeves every day.  We love building exceptional experiences with our clients – but, it’s just as important to us that we make sure our solutions exceed the expectations of our clients.

“It is our mission to provide superior business solutions with a focus on quality, service and people.”

Tim McClure

Tegrit Values

Tegrit’s five core values were created in order to make sure we never forget who we are and why we are here.  Every strategic decision in the organization is compared against these core values in order to ensure we stay committed to developing the very best culture and work environment for our staff and the best experience for our clients.  Our core values are not just words, but words we live by.

Expect & Deliver Excellence

We expect and deliver excellence in everything that we do. We set a high standard and deliver to it every time with our clients, our people, and our products by being excellent in who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We have the best teams in the industry who have a passion for technology and solving business problems with creative solutions.

Trust & Service

We maintain a high level of customer service by maintaining our three pillars of trust with our clients: empathy, expectations and expertise. We act strategically as an organization to the benefit of our people and our clients, clearly united in purpose. We understand the business needs of our clients and deliver with a high level of quality.

Integrity Always

Ethical behavior and honesty is the foundation for everything we do. We communicate honestly and consistently with our employees and clients.

Succeed as a Team

Teamwork is fundamental to the success of our clients and our people. The company is committed to the development and welfare of its people. We are committed to strong partnerships with our clients and healthy industry relationships.


We are devoted to creating and fostering an environment that promotes mental and physical well-being. Maintaining a balance of well-being creates a culture of success, longevity and positivity.

tegrit team


  • Tim McClure
    Tim McClure CEO
  • Peter Marsack
    Peter Marsack COO
  • Cris Curtis
    Cris Curtis CTO
  • Michelle Palatas
    Michelle Palatas CSO

industry experts

  • Bala Rajamani
    Bala Rajamani Managing Director, Pension Services
  • Debby Sorensen
    Debby Sorensen Consulting Director
  • Sankar Viruthachalam
    Sankar Viruthachalam Lead Business Analyst
  • Kyle Seymour
    Kyle Seymour Lead Business Analyst
  • Paul Booth
    Paul Booth Lead Business Analyst
  • Marie Curtis
    Marie Curtis Consulting Director

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